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Michael McCormick

Michael McCormick REALTOR®

Philosophy: Success in Real Estate is about focusing on defining, creating and achieving the best solutions for my clients and their families.  I understand and embrace that each client will have very unique needs that drive the end result they seek in a Real Estate transaction. By focusing on finding and achieving the best solutions, I achieve satisfaction and success in my clients' eyes.

Experience: I have been assisting clients buy and sell Real Estate since 2009. Prior to my career as a Real Estate professional, I spent several years in mortgage lending. I have inside experience with both large nationwide lenders as well as small multi-source brokerages.

Prior to my Real Estate related experience, I spent my career in a more formal corporate environment holding key leadership roles in marketing and financial management. Key activities included - implementing financial management systems and processes, launch new products and create several business ideas and organizations.  Success in these areas was achieved through a partnership approach to negotiating and creating key business partner agreements and contracts.

Approach: My background and experience is an asset I bring to my clients daily to help them create sound, effective and mutually beneficial Real Estate transactions, agreements and contracts.  My approach is to help my clients to be as informed as possible about the homes they are buying or selling so they can make the best decisions and create an end transaction that best fits their unique situations and circumstances. Quite simply, my approach in achieving success for my clients and their Real Estate transaction can be summed up as follows:

  • Education/Information
  • Solution Focused Negotiations
  • Timely Execution and Management of the Agreements(s)


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